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PESD15VL1BA 18.9V TVS 20.3V原装正品

Diode Type :Bidirectional TVS

Clamping Voltage Vc Max :18.9V

Diode Case Style :SOD-323

No. of Pins :2

MSL :-

SVHC :No SVHC (20-Jun-2013)

Alternate Case Style :SC-76

Breakdown Voltage :18.9V

Breakdown Voltage Max :20.3V

Breakdown Voltage Min :17.1V

Breakdown Voltage Range :17.1V to 20.3V

Breakover Voltage Min :17.1V

Capacitance Cd @ Vr Max :11pF

Capacitance Cd @ Vr Typ :16pF

Clamping Voltage @ 8/20μs Max :44V

Diode Configuration :Bidirectional

Operating Temperature Max :150°C

Operating Temperature Min :-65°C

Operating Temperature Range :-65°C to +150°C

Peak Pulse Current Ippm :5A

Peak Pulse Power :200W

Pin Configuration :1

Reverse Stand-Off Voltage Vrwm :15V

SMD Marking :AE

Stand-off Voltage :15V

TVS Polarity :Bidirectional

Weight (kg) 0.000004

Tariff No. 85411000

Packaging :Cut Tape